Build Like A Pirate: “pi-RATS & BUG-aneers” Contest

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    Build Like A Pirate: “pi-RATS & BUG-aneers” Contest (from Brick Nerd via the LAN)

    Yo ho, me hearties! It be time fer another BrickNerd contest in honor of LEGO’s 90th anniversary. We here at BrickNerd thought the buildin’ community was long overdue fer a Pirate-themed contest—so if yer lookin’ for yet another Castle or Space contest, ye can go walk the plank! It be pirate builds we’re seekin’ for this here contest—pirate crews, ships, hideouts and forts--and there be treasure to be won! But beware, this here be a BrickNerd contest so there always be a nerdy twist…

    An Inspiring Crew

    Simply put, all of the human minifigures in your LEGO collection have been set adrift, and it’s the sea-Rats and Bug-aneers that rule the seas! In other words, no human figures are allowed* in your pirate creations! Your crew can’t be made of standard yellow or fleshtone-headed minifigures. That means Brickbeard is out, but BUG-beard is in! Boring normal Imperials? Meh. But a fabulous Fabuland-crewed pirate ship!? Yay!

    Your pirate creation should also be inspired by your crew—and for your crew, it’s anything goes! Think of pirate dragons, animals, Chima figures, rock monsters, brick-built buccaneers and other non-human potential pirates like Vidiyo robots, mythical creatures, and aliens. Have you ever seen dinos navigating on a prehistoric pirate ship? What would a Treasure Planet-like ship crewed by space insects look like?

    *The only exception to our “no standard minifig” rule (they’re more like guidelines anyway) are costumed-minifigures where you can conceivable see the entire figure as whatever outfit they are wearing. We’ll consider them stowaways (or infiltrators). So you can have a crew of all humanoid creatures like chickens, elephants or sharks. Or you can have a company of inanimate objects like corn, tree trunks or hotdogs. And fig-bashing is allowed and encouraged! (Fig-bashing is where you combine the best parts of multiple minifigures to create a new character.)

    Prizes and Rules

    You have until August 31st, 2022 to submit your LEGO pirate creations. Head to the announcement on BrickNerd for all the details and a list of the prizes there are to be won! There's shiny stuff, LEGO sets, custom minifigures and more, all up for the taking.
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