Polybag Project 2022

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    Brick Alliance is running a year-long global Polybag Project from January to December 2022.

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    Project Purpose:

    • Celebrate the LEGO polybag sets and demonstrate the wide range of creativity available at a lower price point.
    • Have fun and interact globally with the online community.
    • Spark discussions on accessibility to low priced LEGO sets.

    Project Goals:

    • Collect meaningful data that can be shared with The LEGO Group.
    • Highlight the creativity of AFOLs using limited resources.

    How to Participate:

    • Each month select a polybag and build the contents according to the instructions. You can use A LEGO® polybag or foil pack with any number of pieces, OR a small LEGO® box set with 80 pieces or less.
    • Sets can be new or used, or put together via parts on hand using a published parts list.
    • You can can participate virtually but must restrict part usage to published parts lists. Then take a photo before taking it apart and building something from your imagination.
    • Take another photo and share them on social media with hashtags: #BrickAlliance #polybagproject2022
    • Each month add the polybag contents to the previous months’ polybag contents to create you custom model.
    • At the end of the year you will have 12 polybags worth of parts to create your final masterpiece.
    • You can start at any time in the year and do not have to build each month.

    You can also join the official Polybag Project Facebook group where participants will be sharing their photos each month: https://www.facebook.com/groups/polybagproject2022

    For further details about the project, please see the main project page on the Brick Alliance website:
    Brick Alliance Polybag Project

    If you want to add to our data collection you can fill out the form here:
    Data collection form

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