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    Early this morning The LEGO Group shared an announcement on the LAN about changes to Pick a Brick. The official announcement is below.

    Our current Pick a Brick and Bricks & Pieces setup means that consumers aren’t aware of the two different experiences. During 2021 we’ve been running tests and meeting with different consumer groups to better understand the current consumer experience.

    Based on these learnings our next step will be to create a new merged experience on We’ll merge Bricks and Pieces and Pick a Brick into one front-end experience where consumers can browse our portfolio of elements in one place more easily.

    Additionally, we’ll improve the shipping time in the US and Canada by implementing a new fulfilment area in our US warehouse. This will reduce shipping time for our top 1,600 elements from 13-18 working days to up to 5 working days. There will likely be some shipping delays for a short time after we launch this experience.

    What’s happening

    We’re merging Bricks and Pieces into Pick a Brick. With the new Pick a Brick setup, you’ll be able to shop across one merged portfolio, with clear visibility between Standard and Bestseller elements. You’ll also have the option to choose what elements you want from which warehouse. Items that are listed as Bestseller are our most popular elements and will ship from Poland or the US, and your order will be trackable. Standard elements will ship from our Billund warehouse and will not be trackable. It'll be easy to tell which items are Bestsellers by the yellow tag.

    We’ve worked hard to align prices between the two different experiences and keep the prices as low as we can while reflecting changes to market conditions. There will some elements that will be at a slightly higher price and others at a lower price.

    In the past, different colours of the same design often had different prices. Now the prices will be more consistent, with some exceptions. Certain colours (like gold and silver), pieces that glow in the dark, and decorated elements will still be priced differently across the same design.

    With this new experience we’ll be introducing a split basket with a threshold for each basket. The split basket view will give you visibility between Bestseller and Standard elements and where your chosen elements are coming from (either Billund, Poland or the US). If your basket meets the minimum threshold amount, then you won’t have to pay any handling fees. We’ll continuously improve our supply chain processes to reduce and simplify these handling fees in the future.

    This new experience means all parts orders, including those previously made in Bricks and Pieces can be applied to promotions (such as gifts with purchase) on

    Why we’re making this change

    Analysis has indicated that our current setup isn’t always the best experience. Differentiation between our Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces experiences isn’t always clear. This new merged experience will bring our portfolio into one place, with clear visibility on Standard versus Bestseller elements.

    Customers who place larger orders currently need to split their order between Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces. The new merged experience will mean larger orders can be placed in one spot, with greater visibility on delivery times.

    When is it happening and in which markets?

    The first change happens for the US and Canada when we implement a new fulfilment area in our US-based warehouse in January and start fulfilling Pick a Brick orders there. In order for this change to occur, Pick a Brick will be unavailable for approximately 48 hours, starting late evening January 23rd to January 25th when Pick a Brick comes back online. This outage is planned and is necessary. During this downtime, individual elements will still be available for purchase through Bricks and Pieces.

    After that we’ll roll out the new merged experience as a soft launch. This will allow us to understand what’s working and identify improvement opportunities early.

    We’re planning to roll out the new merged experience to the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK early February. This will be followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US in late February. We’ll then look to rollout to all other countries globally.

    During the soft launch, we’ll use several metrics and insights available to us to understand if the new experience is working as it should. We’ll take any learnings from this soft launch and use them to help us deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

    New features and functionalities

    We’re also creating a new location called the ‘Pick and Build hub’ for Pick a Brick and similar future experiences. With the new ‘Pick and Build hub’, we’ll test and launch new experiences that enable creativity and fun.

    As a first trial we’ll introduce Build a Mini to our shoppers in Europe and Asia. With this tool you can combine different minifigure parts and create your own minifigure. The Build a Mini selection of bricks will only be available for this experience. They won’t be available as part of the Pick a Brick assortment.

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    I'm optimistic about this new system. I've recently been using them more often to get things such as animals and odd parts that I don't think it is worth buying the sets for.

    Ever since I knew Bricks and Pieces was different from Pick a Brick, I've been wondering why these weren't the same thing to begin with. It sounds like enough people have been finding it for specific parts and the usage has increased enough that they can justify the investment into the system design.

    Perhaps in the future, this will combine with Bricklink for how they distribute parts. They could also reproduce parts that have been out of production and are in demand. That would really excite me (Monorail anyone? Heh heh).

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    @Ptrotter the suggestion to link it to Bricklink has been discussed as well and at least for now they are saying that won't be happening.

    I am looking forward to the new hub and really hope they streamline the way you browse elements. I'm also glad that orders will count towards GWP finally.
    I'm interested in seeing how the build a mini component will work and how the dual shipping will work with some elements now coming from the states.

    If anyone has specific questions about this for TLG please let me know and I'll ask on the LAN.

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    I definitely find bricklink to be a way more user friendly experience than either pick a brick, or bricks and pieces. Since the LEGO group now owns bricklink I hope they encorporate a similar part database system. Its just so much easier to find the parts youre looking for.

    I dont think connecting to bricklink is necessary, but using a similar sorting system would be a huge improvement. Having to find part numbers and set numbers makes the process way harder than it needs to be.

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    We just received an update on the LAN. PAB has been down since January 23 to prepare for the update. The downtime was originally expected to be 48 hours but it is now expected to be approximately 7 hours longer. The go live for the North American PAB warehouse is now January 26th at 7:00am CST.

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    I'm not sure if the new online PAB system has been rolled out, but PAB is working and is as shitty as ever - I don't see any changes and, as before, the bricks available are very limited (667 parts). Bricks & Pieces (found under Replacement Bricks) is still working the way it always has, and in my humble opinion is much better (although difficult) way to find parts.

  • I like PAB as it usually is better prices then Bricks and Pieces, *not always. Bricks and Pieces is hard to search if you do not know the Lego design number, as you have to search via a set that the piece comes from if you do not know the design number. (the element number in bricklink does not always correspond to the Lego design number) That said I totally agree with Mike, from a AFOL perspective Bricks and Pieces is much more useful with it's large selection.

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    @MikeS very interesting. I just re-read the press release and looks like the changes that were made the other day were more on the back end of PAB (though the front end looks different to me too but then I haven't used it in like 5 years) and that the soft launch of the new merged experience will be next but it doesn't mention when. I know there is a healthy fear that access to a lot of the great parts on bricks and pieces will disappear.

  • I had a PAB order in my cart before they shut down for maintenance. After the PAB site returned all items in my cart were still accessible and I was able to place an order. However the parts that I ordered no longer show up in PAB only on bricks and pieces.

    I checked over PAB, and the 667 available parts is significantly less parts then where available before this update.

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    @vdog I will check my cart again and maybe it'll be there!

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    UPDATE: As TLG rolls this out they have shared a table with the minimum order values and various fees. Here is the info for Canada:

    • $18.00 CAD - Pick-a-Brick (new combined experience) minimum order to avoid handling fees.

    • $9.00 CAD - service fee for standard brick orders

    • $4.50 CAD - service fee for bestseller orders

    The difference in fees is related to the different warehouses that the Standard and Bestsellers will ship from. Essentially, ordering Standard parts and Bestsellers is like making two orders. The Standard and Bestseller category will be clearly displayed to help people optimize their orders.

    If you reach the minimum for each category ($18CAD), there will be no handling fees (there will still be shipping fees if you do not reach the minimum amount for free shipping which is $35CAD). If you order less than $18 for one category (or both), the corresponding fees will be applied.

    I have adapted the following examples from the LAN to Canadian dollars:

    • You order $10 of standard parts = add $9 in handling fees plus shipping fees because you have ordered less than the $18 minimum

    • You order $20 of standard parts = no handling fees, only shipping fees

    • You order $40 of standard parts = no handling fees or shipping fees (free shipping over $35)

    • You order $10 of standard parts and $10 of best seller parts = add $9 of handling fees for the standard parts and $4.50 in handling fees for the bestsellers plus shipping fees

    • You order $20 of standard parts and $20 of best seller parts = no handling fee or shipping fees because the total amount spent on parts is eligible for free shipping (free shipping over $35)

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

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    UPDATE: As mentioned at the end of the original post, Build a Mini was part of the planned offering with the new Pick a Brick experience. The Beta for the Build a Mini has now launched in Europe and Asia Pacific. The PaB team will be gathering insights over the next few weeks. They have not provided a timeframe on when we might see the Build a Mini in North America.