Lego VIP Coins are back limited time

  • Hop on over to the Lego VIP rewards center if you missed out on any of the Lego VIP coins!
    Lego has minted a limited amount of new coins, due to the popularity you can only redeem coins you missed on the first run of coins.

    I missed the gold VIP and the classic space in the first round, and was able to redeem the coupon codes in the VIP reward center. Lego has designed their website in a way that in order to claim any reward you redeem points for you must apply the coupon code to a purchase. Unfortunately the checkout process is designed that you can only enter 1 coupon per order, so in order to get both of the VIP rewards I purchased with VIP points I have to make 2 separate purchases from the Lego website. ($35 min for free shipping, $110 min to get the year of the tiger GWP)

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    There has been much discussion about this on the LAN as it seems there is some confusion among consumers. When you redeem your code for a coin (or any reward) then a coin is reserved for you. There is no need to rush and make an order (or 6 orders if you redeemed for all 5 coins and the case) especially when stock is so low. You have 60 days to use your code and TLG has told us that they will be launching new sets and restocking current sets during that time.

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