ISO 3 blocks to finish San Fran

  • Hello! Is there any chance someone has 2 of these grey one square blocks that 2 empty circles on opposing sides and a filled circle on top? I tried to attach photos but that didn’t work. Please help?

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    @ames-rish do you have a part number or something from brick link so I can see what it is?

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    A couple things you can try in terms of posting a pic. Trying reducing the size of the image file and try uploading it with this button (if you're on a phone I find I have to scroll along the bar all the way to the right). Once it starts uploading don't click anything until the % count completes and it converts to the file name with the extension at the end (such as .jpg).
    Hope this helps! (but yes, as mentioned, a part number can do the trick as well!).


  • @MyBrickYard it is 47905. However the brick won’t be visible so I would like the colour listed however would be open to other colours.

    Thank you,

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