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    Hello, It looks like no one has introduced themselves for awhile. My name is Cal, I have been into lego since my first set in 1975. (#565) Name that set haha! I still have it! but its kinda beat up.

    Anyways, I like all lego but am mostly into space and star wars.

    It hit me the other day that there might be a lego club, and sure enough there is.

    You know when you are looking for that one piece and can't find it?!
    Do you people ever do "tradsies" :)?

    My dream would be a pick and choose shop on the island where it was sold by the pound! Brickadee-do said they might do this after Covid is done. It would be awesome!.


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    Hello and welcome! I am also a star wars fan but buy whatever is on sale!

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    As for trades, I have come parts that I have set aside specifically for trading. It's useful sometimes, if you are trying to complete a set, or if something gets broken. I'm usually open to possible trades, sometimes I am trying to find things like old gray for a vintage set.

  • @Ptrotter Awesome! I have a whole bunch of classic space parts, right now I am trying to piece together 6940. I amafter a few bits for the space walker arm space walker. Basically the pincher arm, a couple of gray arm pieces. I am also short 2 couple of black windows inserts for this one.

    (do people up load photos on here?)

  • @scotth510 May the Force be with you... Favourite Star Wars set?

  • @Cal you can upload photos, however people sometimes have issues with that feature. for one, you will need to scale down the prior to uploading, since there is a size limit (not sure what the limit is though!). Also, sometimes it just doesn't work... maybe there is a quota system or something... @michael ?

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    @Cal oh man, don't make me pick one! Star wars sets brought me back to lego in 99.

  • @scotth510 ya its a tough one! There is a MOD on the imperial shuttle 75094 that i put together once that I really liked, i actually ordered parts from bricklink to do it

    ...I restored it to its original when i disassembled it though..check it out.


  • Hi Cal, welcome to the Milug forums! We meet formally once a month, and also informally discuss all things related to LEGO in the members forums and on discord through out the month.

    We have done trades of parts, and minifigures at our meetings before. It never hurts to ask here as someone may have it, but for specific parts bricklink is usually the go to.

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