Quality Issues and Xmas GWP

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    You may have heard rumours about a delay in the Christmas GWP set Mr and Mrs Claus's Living Room (40489). TLG has now confirmed it will NOT be releasing this GWP. Here is their official statement shared on the LAN:

    "We decided not to release this product as it didn’t meet our strict quality standards. Because we work so hard to provide the best possible play experiences, we never compromise the quality of our products."

    There are also rumours other sets that were set to release in 2022 have now been cancelled though TLG has not confirmed if these are also quality related (we are waiting for a response on the LAN). This is interesting though, especially considering the quality issues found in 10279 VW T2 Camper Van. You can read the detailed review from Tips & Bricks. This has also been discussed on the LAN as it appears that poor customer reviews on LEGO Shop@Home have not been taken seriously.

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    Looks like they are offering 2x VIP points in lieu of the GWP this weekend in some countries. I have not been able to confirm if this will be offered in Canada or not. If anyone finds out, please share here.