Epic Brick Adventures

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    In case folks haven't heard I have been working on a Brick based Role Playing Game for the last 5 years or so called Epic Brick Adventures.
    I have finally just released the Introductory Rules which you can download for free from my website www.EpicBrickAdventures.com

    This is all being done to promote our Kickstarter launching Sept 30th, if all goes well!
    You can check out the Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/24241469/epic-brick-adventures

    Being a part of MILUG has played a big part in the creation of this game. I am constantly inspired by all of you, the work you do and your passion for these awesome little bricks.

    Richard Hoedl

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    Slight set back on the launch we are rescheduled to launch Tuesday, Oct 5th at noon!

    Please do share the above links to all your Lego friends in the world... that would help. 😉

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    Just took a look at your website. Looks interesting, and I like your drawings. I don’t spend much time on my computer outside of work, but I’ll try and download the PDF another time since it doesn’t work on iPhone. Just food for thought - you could be losing a lot of potential support by not being easily accessible on mobile devices…

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