Set Variation Pilot

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    TLG has launched a pilot in the UK where a couple of sets can be purchased in alternate colours or sizes.
    If anyone is interested, the folllwing set is available on and they ship internationally!
    LEGO Creator Fiat 500:

    In case anyone is interested in the other sets and has contacts in the UK, the sets are as follows:
    LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Mighty Dinosaur:

    • 77940 (Orange version) available from Smyths (UK/I) and LEGO stores and (UK)
    • 77941 (Blue version) available from Tesco (UK/I) and LEGO stores and (UK)

    LEGO City Fire Stations:

    • 77943 (£24.99 version) available at Tesco (UK/I) and LEGO stores and (UK)
    • 77944 (£89.99 version) available at Smyths (UK/I) and LEGO stores and (UK)

  • I can understand colour variants of a set - same design but with different colour elements - sounds appealing to me. But a set being offered in different sizes? if its a different size it's a different design, so how is this not just a completely different set, which they already do?....

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    @sema4 I will ask your question on the LAN. Interestingly the entire discussion so far has focussed on the colour variations and the regional exclusivity. Note that although this is a pilot, TLG will NOT be issuing these same sets in the colour/size variation in other markets after the pilot.

  • zavvi usa is $5.49 usd to ship to Canada I have been on the fence buying from them as customs can be hit or miss when buying lego from usa.
    I decided to try them out and ordered the blue fiat, it was $95.48 USD shipped which equals approximately $125 Canadian considering the yellow fiat #10271 is $129.99 cad on even if I do get the 15% customs tax $5 savings to get a exclusive color seems like a good deal.

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    Didn't lego decide to no longer do region specific sets, as it caused a lot of fan frustration. I understand that this is supposed to be a pilot project, but its essentially region specific sets. Also when resellers are snapping them up like crazy, because they are rare, the data collected is useless. It doesnt tell them anything about actual market interest.
    I like the idea of releasing some popular sets with different colours or variations, but the limited quantity just frustrates fans.

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    @Ian this is the exact discussion on the LAN. TLG's perspective is that it is not a regional exclusive since it is a test pilot and their policy of no regional exclusions was only in regards to regular products. They also pointed out the fact that at least for the Fiat, Zavvi ships internationally so it isn't limited to only the UK. A lot of Ambassadors also pointed out the flaws in their pilot that you pointed out. If anything new comes up I will share it!

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    @sema4 the LAN rep did not have an answer for your question as he was not part of the team putting the pilot together. He agreed that the size variation concept doesn't seem to make a ton of sense.

    He did have a voice at the table in terms of pushing for the team to find a way for AFOLs around the world to be able to purchase the sets. For whatever reason, the team chose different stores for the different sets and only the Fiat is available internationally, but I guess it's better than nothing.

  • @Krista thanks, I didn't really need an answer. I also had no intention of trying to acquire the colour variant sets, but I do think it's a good concept.

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    @sema4 all good. You raised a good point though and I wanted to know! Your question actually started a whole other discussion on the LAN and turns out many Ambassadors also wanted to know the difference between set size variants and just different fire station sets. Guess we'll never know unless the pilot is successful and it becomes something they put into practice (if they even tell us at that point lol).