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    We received an inquiry from a parent looking for "someone who might be a good mentor for a very smart, very creative and complex 5yo. She's assisted on builds up to 12+ and I'm looking to broaden her social circle with intellectual peers/mentors."

    This is not something we offer as a club but if you know of an organization that might be a good fit or if you are interested in connecting with this person and their daughter then let me know and I will connect you.
    They are looking for someone to spend 1-2 hours every 1-2 weeks to explore LEGO. They are located in Nanaimo.

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    @MyBrickYard I am not entirely sure if this person is looking for an adult or a peer, but I thought this might be something your son would potentially be interested in.

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    @Krista I'd be happy to chat with them to see if we are a fit.
    Both my kids would think having another kid to hang with in the Lego Studio would be a definite plus.

    Not sure yet if we will be starting official Lego workshops for kids again. But something like this might work.

    Feel free to pass along my number. Thanks!

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