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    The newly released Everyone is Awesome (40516) set celebrates the diversity of LEGO fans and the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately this set is not available worldwide and where it is available, it is only sold by official LEGO retailers. A number of Ambassadors shared concerns and thoughts about this on the LAN and these are the official statements from TLG:
    In regards to country availability:

    We’re sensitive to the fact that in some countries, the rights of members of the LGBTQIA+ communities are not recognised.  We support equal rights for all people, but also understand that it can be unsafe for people in these countries to express their sexual preference.  This needs to change.

    In regards to retailer availability (since it is only available at LEGO.com, LBR, LCS and Merlin):

    This set is currently only available via LEGO Retail channels for 2021 due to the fact that it is new territory for the brand.

    We have been amazed by the positive response so far and are currently assessing whether to make it more broadly available in 2022. Unfortunately, it’s too late to change launch plans for 2021 as volumes have already been produced.

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