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    There has been some inconsistency in when fans have been receiving the VIP Newsletter so I thought I would mention some key news about the collectible coins in case you haven't seen it yet.

    This is the fifth coin in the series of collectible coins and it will be available on May 20th. And some great new for the many fans who missed out on some or all of the first 4 coins - they will all be back later in the year!

    The go live times are as follows (in British Summer Time):

    AUNZ: 12:00AM BST
    KR: 01:00AM BST
    EMEA: 09:00AM BST
    NA: 02:00PM BST (6:00AM PDT)

  • Nice they decided on a 2nd production run of coins, to deflate the scalper prices, and listen to vip's

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