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    A message from TLG about Bricklink:
    We are launching a new initiative on BrickLink called the Marketplace panel, the initiative aims to achieve an outside-in driven approach to decision making. To begin with, we have invited Sellers and Buyers to the panel and they will be representing the voice of the BrickLink Seller and Buyer community (8 panel members to start out with). In the 4 annual Panel sessions, the purpose is to:

    • Ensure and improved prioritization of tasks (development, bug fixes, etc.) within the Marketplace team, in order to reflect the needs in the Seller and buyer community as much as possible.

    • To investigate opportunities for improvements to the current setup of the Marketplace.

    • To pressure test new opportunities, concepts, legislative requirements, etc.

    • Build future strategic plans for the Marketplace fully supported by the Panel’s input.

    To start out with, we have invited Sellers and Buyers that are influential and that we believe will be able to represent the voice of the community (as opposed to only their own agenda). Going forward, it will be possible to sign up for Panel participation.

    We have great expectations for this initiative and hopefully this is something that will be appreciated and that more people will want to take part in.

    The first Panel meeting will take place on May 20th.

    Let me know if there are any more questions to this, I am happy to elaborate.
    If you have any questions please let me know and I will forward them along, or if you are active on the Bricklink forums I am sure you can ask them there as well.

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