LEGO VIP Rewards center is seeking your feedback!

  • LEGO VIP Rewards center is seeking your feedback!

    LEGO is asking for some feedback about the VIP program in the LEGO VIP Rewards Center and you can earn some points for your time. This survey was open to other parts of the country a few weeks ago but has recently opened up in the US.

    The purpose of the survey is to help improve the VIP program and the rewards that LEGO provides. There’s 21 questions


  • I filled out each of the comment sections, hopefully they read it.

    I enjoy the new exclusive vip stuff you can get like the coin series, but I really want them to allow us to instantly redeem VIP for discounts on purchases right from our shopping cart again, which was so coinvent. The current process of clicking on a voucher to get a discount code emailed to you that is only good for 30 days before it expires and you loose your points, is unrewarding.

    anyways fill it out, and maybe they will listen to your concerns on the VIP program

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    They are definitely reading it! Ambassadors provided feedback on the survey. I just took it again and it is much better than the original version they had put together. The VIP team is very active on the LAN and very interested in feedback and in making improvements. If you have a VIP account please consider participating as nothing will change unless a large group of people share similar experiences.

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