LEGO Resources

  • The following is a List of Lego Resources that will be beneficial to new members. (Moderator please pin to the top)

    [Official Lego sites]
    The Lego website is a great place that has many cool features.
    a) The Lego shop carries the entire lineup of existing production sets available for sale including some that are sold exclusively here.
    b) The VIP section is where you can get a VIP membership which enables you to earn points with your purchases that can be used towards discounts and exclusive contests. Becoming a VIP also gives you early access to new sets, and qualifies you for exclusive monthly gift with purchase sets.
    c) A subsection of the Lego shop is the Pick a Brick area where you can order from a constantly changing assortment of individual bricks.
    d) The Lego website carries Building Instructions for every set ever made. It can be found under the Support tab.
    e) Also found under the Support is the Replacement Parts section called Bricks and Pieces, this is where if you your current production set comes with a missing/broken piece you can get it replaced for free. A subsection of Bricks and Pieces is where you can buy bricks and minifigures from existing Lego owned IP sets.
    f) Finally there is a Kids Zone that has free Lego themed games and puzzles for kids to play with
    The Lego Ambassador Network is the website for Registered LUG’s to interact with The Lego Group. It is a great place to see what other LUG’s from around the world are building for their events.
    Lego Ideas is a special website designed by Lego to interact with consumer fans of Lego. Every month Lego Ideas host building activities and contests with great prizes to incite people to get creative with Lego bricks. The most popular feature on Lego Ideas is Product Ideas, a place where fans of Lego can vote on and submit ideas for new sets to Lego via a crowd sourcing. New products Ideas are given milestones to accumulate votes of support from other fans, and if an Idea makes it to 10,000 supporters in time, it goes on to be reviewed by Lego, and potentially made into a real official set for purchase.

    Feel free to add other Lego Resources, with a brief description and website link.

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