February gift with purchase ALERT

  • Hi, all If you have purchased the Lego blacksmith shop like I did today. https://www.lego.com/en-ca/product/medieval-blacksmith-21325
    Check your order confirmation. While your shopping cart shows you will get the Valentines gift for spending over $40 and the year of the Ox set for spending over $85. The order confirmations are showing only the year of the Ox gwp added to the order. You will need call Lego customer service in order to get it added back to your order.
    Monday to Friday 8am - 10pm ET
    Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm ET


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    @vdog thanks for the heads up. We were hoping to get the two Chinese New Year sets but both are currently unavailable. If we decide to order something else then we will check definitely the confirmation. I just loathe calling their customer service though. How long did you have to wait on hold?

  • @Krista it varies between 15 minutes to the longest was on hold was 40min. I have had to call them several times this year, something has gone wrong with every order so far.

    1st call was due to the new VIP rewards center they have separated the redemption of point between over the phone vs online, I clicked the redeem over phone by mistake so was forced to call in to get them to reverse the vip issue. ( I dislike the new vip points system, having to go to another website to get a code that if you don't use within 30 days you forfeit the points is not rewarding at all IMO)

    2nd call was the fact I was that the shop at home would not allow me to complete a order with the redemption code for the castle vip coin. (they had to manually order it separately for me with my code)

    3rd call was for the above missing gwp issue

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    @vdog my experience the last 2 or 3 times I called was about a 40-45 minute wait and the reps I get aren't usually very knowledgeable or helpful. I'm not sure how everyone else always seems to have such positive experiences calling them. I tend to put it off as I don't often have 45 mins to wait on hold and the "help" I get has been frustrating.

  • @Krista Early morning, is that is the best time to call any call center. lunch time and dinner time are the worst times to call a call center. Lego's call center people with the southern American accents seem to be more friendly and helpful then the other reps I have spoken too.

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