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    LEGO Ideas Contest Announcement:
    You might have seen the new LEGO Campus in Billund being slowly built and hopefully the final touches will be made in 2021. But we're already looking for some interior design! The LEGO Art team will be able to display some LEGO Art in the campus and have asked LEGO Ideas to make a contest to source some of those:
    Art is incredibly subjective, but what is art to you? Show us what art means to you, using bricks in this new contest. It can be anything you like, so long as it’s the best work of art you can make!

    You must also be able to build your model physically, because the winning entries will be displayed in the new LEGO Campus in Billund, Denmark! This is something we know a LOT of fans will be very interested in. So bring your a-game!

    For this contest, we don’t have specific element requirements. But the judges are looking to display this artwork. So things that are absolutely tiny, or absolutely massive may not be selected as winners.

    If you’re one of five winners of this contest, you’ll win the following:

    A complete LEGO ART Series of your choice, of either:

    • 4 x 31197 – LEGO Art Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe
    • 4 x 31198 – LEGO Art The Beatles
    • 3 x 31199 – LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man
    • 3 x 31200 – LEGO Art Star Wars™ The Sith™
    • Your artwork displayed in the new LEGO Campus, Billund, Denmark

  • The Prizes are always cool for the contests but the competition is always top notch. I find the Activities section is much more toned down. The physical build requirements is going to reduce entries though to people already working on a moc.

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    @vdog I agree and with the pandemic they are seeing even more entries in their contests so competition is steep for sure.

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