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  • Hi everyone,

    Those of you who have been following my post in the MOC section about my experiences with designing Lego MOC's digitally with and Mecabricks, have seen some snippets of my latest creation. Today I am proud to present to you my proposal for the next Lego Ideas set, the Rosefinch Keep.


    Welcome to Rosefinch Keep the northern stronghold of Sir Rosefinch noble knight of the Wolfpack kingdom. While the Wolfpack was originally advertised as a small faction of rogues, renegades, and bandits; to me growing up they were knights from a distant northern kingdom. The Keep is home to Lady Astrid, Squire Hans and Sir Rosefinch, who is instantly recognizable by the red bird he wears atop his helmet. The Keep is guarded by two strong Wolfpack warriors, and like every good old building is home to a ghost.

    I designed the Keep out of Black and Medium Stone Grey bricks, reminiscent of classic castle sets. The Keep is located in the northern frontier of the Wolfpack kingdom, and is built upon rocky islands off the shores of a lake, for protection from rival Kingdoms and roaming monsters. The buildings that make up the Keep are connected via stone bridges over the cold water below. The Keep is not just a decorative structure; it is functional too with all rooms accessible for play through moving walls and floors.

    Reasons why the Rosefinch Keep would make a great LEGO set:

    1st The kids who grew up playing with the classic black and grey castle sets, are now Adults with children, and money to spend reliving childhood memories.
    2nd The bricks and pieces used to build this set are universally applicable to build multiple alternative MOC’s with for extended play by children and AFOL’s alike.

    3rd The size of Rosefinch Keep is just right for a set. It is large enough to fit in among modular buildings. Yet has a small enough part count that keeps the price affordable for regular people not just AFOL’s.

    4th Lastly the Wolfpack kingdom deserves to have its story told with their very own full size castle set.


    Part count 1275
    6 Minifigures (1x Sir Rosefinch knight, 2x Wolfpack guards, 1x Lady Astrid, 1x Squire Hans, 1x Ghost)
    5 Animals (1x dog, 1x horse, 1x goat, 2x seagulls)
    4 Rooms (1x bedroom, 1x armory, 1x kitchen, 1x secret vault)
    1 Tree minifigure scale
    Building was built using
    Minifigures were built using Mecabricks

    Thank you:

    Thanks for your support and comments. If you would like to see the Rosefinch Keep become a LEGO set please share with friends and family.

  • How Lego Ideas works.

    Step 1, Have a great idea.
    (My proposal is to have a classic style Lego Castle set produced)

    Step 2, Build it.
    (The building was built using and the minifigures were built with mecabricks)

    Step 3, Submit it.
    (Originally I called my design the Wolfpack Tower, and I mentioned a number of old classic castle sets that inspired me to build a new MOC. However there already is a Lego set called the "Wolfpack Tower" and mentioning old sets goes against the guidelines so it was Rejected.)

    Step 4, Resubmit
    (Taking a lesson from the Lego Masters show I rewrote my proposal to tell a story and bring the characters to life, and the Rosefinch Keep was Accepted as product idea.)

    Step 5, Spread the word.
    (Lego only reviews sets to consider for production that make it past 10,000 supporters in 18 months or less on the Lego Ideas website. Sets have to pass strict milestones or they are cut, proposals have 30 days to receive 60 supporters, and 6 months to receive 1000 supporters, and 12 months to reach 5000 supporters.)
    You can support this Idea here:

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    Congrats on getting your submission accepted and good luck @vdog ! There have been a record number of submissions passing the 10k mark the last two rounds (26 and 35 respectively) as there are more people online voting. I don't know if you are on Facebook but I know that those who plug themselves on the various LEGO Facebook groups tend to do very well and their submissions often see a surge in votes after their posts, but be sure to include a link to your submission on Ideas!

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    Looks good James! I might actually have to vote for once...

  • @scotth510 Thanks for the support! After you vote on the Lego Ideas website here Please share with your social media friends.

    I have calculated it out that I need a minimum of 30 support votes per day to make it to the 10,000 mark. However Ideas that generate 10,000 supporters faster seem to have better chance at passing the review stage to become a real set then those that take close to the 18 month time limit.

  • Update, Have passed the 100 mark and now have 420 days to go! Thanks for all the support.


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    Pretty close to the 30 a day! Looking good!

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