LDraw Parts Update

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    The ambassador for the LDraw community has announced the second LDraw parts update of 2020. Here is the original message from their library admin...

    The 2020-02 LDraw Parts Update has been now been released. This adds 712 new files to the core library, including 510 new parts and 15 new primitives.

    Thanks are due to all the part authors who created or corrected parts for this release. The small, but dedicated, band of reviewers also play an important role in keeping files moving through the Parts Tracker and deserve just as much credit.

    You can preview the new parts in 2020-02, and download the zip-file update or Windows install package directly from LDraw here. Alternatively you can use the LDView option File | Check for Library Updates... to install the update.

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    LDraw has asked Ambassadors to spread the word that the LDraw team has just released the third part update for this year.

    You can find further details at https://forums.ldraw.org/thread-24356.html

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