Brickfilm Contest

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    The Brickbord is hosting a new contest: "The brickfilm/cartoon/animation-contest Nr.2"

    In this contest, brickfilmers animate a brickfilm, which also contains other materials like paper, wool, clay or even digital implemented cartoons. Anything that can be animated may go wild! We want to celebrate the diversity of brickfilming and animating with this small contest. Implementing other materials along with LEGO-Bricks is widely seen in animation (Like the "Kragle" and other housewares in the LEGO-Movie) and extends the possibilities of stop motion techniques. (It is also a lot of fun!)

    The brickboard is happy about the generous sponsoring of prices by LEGO! Participants have got time untill 26th September 12pm to submit their movies.

    The rules are explained in this Video: (There are also english subtitles aviable)

    And in the article on our Website "brickboard"

    The first brickfilm/cartoon/animation-contest was held in 2015/2016 with a different set of rules, but nevertheless here are some entrys:

    So if you are a brickfilmer or know someone who loves brickfilming, you are free to send these links to them. We are always happy to see new faces and inspire others with brickfilming!