LEGO Shop @ Home Bricks and Pieces

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    As some of you may have noticed the Bricks and Pieces on the Shop@Home website has not been working properly with extended periods of outage. A LEGO representative shared the following statement on the LAN:

    The first fix solved only part of the issue. They are experiencing a lot of issues with the site and check out.
    Therefore they've shut down the service while they are fixing it.
    They hope to have it up and ready soon, as they are fully aware that this is frustrating for all those AFOLs just waiting to put in orders for amazing projects.
    They said that you can call in orders or get an excel order sheet by calling Customer Service, but they also know and acknowledge that this service is limited and not sufficient compared to what you need.

    So @MikeS it sounds like you really lucked out with your order!