potential lego scam site on facebook ads

  • Hi, just a heads up.
    Several people have let me know of a targeted facebook ad for lego at 80% off that upon closer inspection looks like it is either a scam or fake lego.


    the links brings you to either https://xstarwars.com/ or https://www.zgalaxyshop.com/collections/toy

    the word "lego" does not appear anywhere on the descriptions of the products or in the legal description only in the supposed customer reviews.

    the kicker is the Canadian contact address 123 fake st in toronto


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    @vdog LOL 101 Fake Street that's hilarious! I saw this ad and assumed it was one of the knock off brands. I think I recall seeing somewhere that it said so somewhere but it definitely doesn't say lego... if you look really close at the pics the studs are smooth without LEGO printed on them.

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    They just raided the lepin factories and took all their moulds. These guys are probably trying to blow out what's left of their illegal stock

  • Made an account just to respond to this. I went ahead on full YOLO mode and bought the 80% off UCS millennium falcon for $50.00. I have a credit card that has a netflix charge Im not familiar with, so I was going to go to the bank and cancel the card anyway. Figured Id just try buying this to see what happens, pay off the credit, then cancel the card immediately. Im optimistically feeling 50/50 that (50) something arrives at my house in the next month and a half/ (50)Nothing arrives ever. Of the scenario of something arriving, Im feeling like... 30/70 (30) its a complete Lepin UCS falcon that was acquired highly questionably/illegally, and this company is just trying to offload high value illegal goods really quickly or (70) Its some random building toy knockoff tangentially falcon related. I'll keep you guys posted haha.

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    Hi @isitascam could you please introduce yourself in the General Discussions topic under "Introduce yourself" so we know who you are. Thank you so much and good luck with your purchase attempt!

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