Cool things done by Our Kids!

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    Been wanting to start a post about the cool things that our kids do. I find that I am often inspired by the crazy things my boys do.
    If you have things that your kids, nieces or nephews have created and you want to show them off please post them here. I'd love to see them... so would my kids!

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    I thought I'd start this off with something my son Lukas started a while ago when he was about 6 he is just turning 8 now.
    He has loved penguins for a long time so he has been building versions over the last 2 years.


    The squarish one is his earliest penguin 1_1537206225907_IMG_0351.JPG

    His latest version have become much more detailed based on actual photos of penguins with moving bendable wings and an egg on his feet..

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