10 New Ideas Project Under Review

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    The LEGO Ideas program has released the list of the next 10 projects they will be reviewing. There are some decent options in here so we will see what they choose, if any.
    My fingers are crossed for The Flintstones project!

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    Definitely some great builds there. The motorbike is pretty nice!

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    @scotth510 ah yes I like the bike too! A non-tehnic bike would be nice.

  • I like the Flintstones one too but I think I'd be most likely to buy the modular arcade I think

  • Oh I forgot about the sr-71 which I think is best but being a war related plane I dunno if it will see light but somebody did an amazing job on that

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    @zenlego I agree about the modular arcade but I wonder if it is too big of a set. It looks a fair bit bigger than the old fishing store but i could be wrong. I don't recall the number of pieces in the proposed project but TLG could modify it to make it a bit smaller if it is too large for an Ideas set.

  • @zenlego it carried no armaments so perhaps is OK.

  • The bike is my favorite. However Stich is the most plausible given the piece count and Lego's current IP deals with Disney.

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    I wonder if the license for Warner Brothers Consumer Products and Scooby-Doo (Hanna Barbera is a division of Warner Bros. Animation) would extend to other products like the Flintstones which was also produced by Hanna Barbera. In the same press release by TLG about WB and the Scooby-Doo sets it mentions WB Animation produces teen titans, harry potter, lotr, dc comics and dc universe though I'm not sure if that means the license for those relates to products or just the animated shows and movies.

  • @sema4 yea it was a spy plane so I have my fingers crossed lol and @Krista honestly I just like the concept of modular so it may be wishful thinking but the video I watched the guy pointed out that they only release 1 modular this year and they already released one this year but I have to assume that because it's part of the ideas it might get extra consideration but I do t really know how the ideas system works anyway lol

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