• RE: LEGO VIP Rewards center is seeking your feedback!

    I filled out each of the comment sections, hopefully they read it.

    I enjoy the new exclusive vip stuff you can get like the coin series, but I really want them to allow us to instantly redeem VIP for discounts on purchases right from our shopping cart again, which was so coinvent. The current process of clicking on a voucher to get a discount code emailed to you that is only good for 30 days before it expires and you loose your points, is unrewarding.

    anyways fill it out, and maybe they will listen to your concerns on the VIP program

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  • LEGO VIP Rewards center is seeking your feedback!

    LEGO VIP Rewards center is seeking your feedback!

    LEGO is asking for some feedback about the VIP program in the LEGO VIP Rewards Center and you can earn some points for your time. This survey was open to other parts of the country a few weeks ago but has recently opened up in the US.

    The purpose of the survey is to help improve the VIP program and the rewards that LEGO provides. There’s 21 questions


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  • RE: Online Meetup Wed May 5, 2021

    My chocolate castle cake20210505_210819.jpg

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  • RE: Online Meetup Wed May 5, 2021


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  • RE: Online Meetup Wed May 5, 2021

    A reminder to have your birthday build ready for tonight! If you can't make it please post a photo here or email it to midislandlug@gmail.com

    After the meetup please send a photo of your birthday build to midislandlug@gmail.com as I will be using them for a blog post on MILUG's website AND a blog post on the LAN to share our 5 year milestone.

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  • RE: Online Meetup Wed May 5, 2021

    Here is the link for tonight's meeting:

    Please do not login before 7:00pm.


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  • LEGO Stories Podcast

    Check out the new LEGO Stories podcast featuring interviews with LEGO employees and AFOLs!


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  • Online Meetup Wed May 5, 2021

    Our monthly AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO®) meet-up is the first Wednesday of every month. We will be meeting Wednesday May 5, 2021 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. We will be meeting online via Google Meet.

    This meetup also marks MILUG’S 5th Birthday!

    Members and visitors are encouraged to build a birthday cake/cupcake MOC (my own creation), set, or MOD (modification) of a set and have it with you for a birthday photo op at our May meetup. If you are strapped for time you could also build a giant “5” (go sleek or add decoration, it’s up to you!). Below are a couple of birthday cake sets to help you out (you can find their instructions on https://lego.brickinstructions.com).

    • Birthday Cake (40048)
    • Birthday Table Decoration (40153)
    • Birthday Set (40382)
    • Birthday Buddy (40226)

    Come and join us, have a drink (beer, wine, spirits, pop, coffee, tea or whatever is in your kitchen), and chat about LEGO®! We will also be doing some fun activities and you are welcome to sit back and watch or jump in and participate!

    This is an open event for anyone 19yrs+ interested in LEGO®. Any AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) is welcome whether you collect sets, build sets or build your own creations, and whether you love City, Technic, Friends, Duplo, Star Wars, Ninjago, or any other theme, or just building with loose bricks! Come share your love of LEGO® with us. We love to meet new folks!

    Membership is not required to attend your first meet-up so come out, meet our members (we’re really friendly), have a drink (not required) and find out what LUGs (LEGO® User Groups) are all about!

    Where: Online meeting via Google Meet. Please contact us in advance at MidIslandLUG@gmail.com or message us on Facebook (@midislandlug) for the link to join the meeting.

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